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Introducing Utility - Government Information Sharing

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The Need

  • Utilities want to know about public safety events, emergency response actions, incidents and alerts…
  • Emergency operations want to know about outage/restoration status, downed lines and other hazards, resource availability, …
  • How to enable this public/private information sharing in a standards based approach, securely, integrated into existing operations… 


The Answer:  "UICDS and Friends" Technologies

Where UICDS is the standards-based middleware to move incident management data, the equivalent on the utility side is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Common Information Model (CIM).  CIM was initiated through efforts of the Electric Power Research Institute, software companies, and utilities and evolved to become an international standard through IEC.  CIM supports a standard interface to utility operations systems for transmission and distribution.  Thus, it is the logical integration point for utility information to be shared through UICDS to emergency managers, as seen in the diagram below.



•Translate UICDSTM  messages into CIM Common Message Envelopes
•Leverage CIM mRID and CIM
naming to provide a single mapping ID into the Utility domain 
•Convert Utility location into
UICDS geospatial construct
•Share utility operations information with Public Safety authorities
•e.g., Crew locations
•Support subscription to services of interest
•Translate CIM based messages into UICDSTM  service calls
•Listen for notification of new and updated UICDSTM  Work Products
•Extract information from UICDS Work Products
•Share new Alerts and Incident information with Utility Operations
•e.g., new HAZMAT Incident 


The Result

 UISOL Geospatial Utility Dashboard


The Benefits

  • Share real-time operational information, improve coordination and effectiveness
  • No emergency operations systems knowledge needed by the utility side
  • No utility operations systems knowledge needed by the emergency operations side
  • CIM message standardization means utility systems appear as one interface
  • UICDSTM message standardization means emergency operations systems appear as one interface
  • Middleware solution – no change in daily operational interfaces, no need to learn a new system


Use "Add to Cart" below to download the UICDS and Utility Interoperability presentation from the January 24, 2012 DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition held in San Antonio Texas, presented by Mark Wald and Terry Nielsen of Alstom, UISOL.  

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